At DMC Engines, we specialise in rebuilding and modifying car engines both for motorsport and for restoration projects. Based in our new workshops in Wheatley in Oxfordshire, we have over 20 years experience of engine rebuilds and restoration projects. From achieving additional horsepower for rallying and racing to restoring your beloved classic car to pristine condition, our team of experts will help you achieve the improvements that you need.

Rebuilding and Modification

We offer engine rebuilding, engine modification and advice based on our considerable experience in improving both power and reliability for classic road and classic race/rally as well as modern road and modern fast race/rally car engines. We also offer engine tuning, lead free fuel conversions and can also offer an exchange engine service on most models.

We have experience in reconditioning and modifying all types of engines from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford, Lotus, MG, Triumph, Rover and Austin to Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche and Alfa Romeo and our reputation is worldwide as DMC engines have competed at all levels of motorsport.

Worldwide Reputation

For example, DMC engines have raced at Montlhery, at Le Mans Classic and the Goodwood revival. Engines rebuilt by DMC Engines have raced at many national and club level meetings and at international rallies including Europe, Far East & Scandinavia and many World Rally Championship (WRC) sanctioned events. Many of our clients have used DMC Engines in Group N,A,B and classic/historic formulae category events.


Component Sales and On-Site Assistance

With long-term relationships with our component suppliers, we offer the best standard, modified, rally and race engine components for sale. We also offer you your own on-site engine technician, to undertake engine re-building at your own workshop or to advise you in setting up your own engine department.

Quality, Reliability and Value for money

Given our experience, we are highly proficient at undertaking all engine build work from standard to performance road use, and all rally and race engine builds. As all preparation is undertaken under the auspices of DMC Engines, we subject all work to the highest quality control procedures. With our detailed knowledge, our precision and attention to detail, and a real love of motorsport, we offer exceptional value for money.

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